R3D Propane Dial Sensors


The R3D series of sensors from Rochester Gauges are the industry standard for remote tank monitoring of pressurized vessels such as propane, ammonia and anhydrous. This two part sensor solution (dial with Hall Effects Sensor cable) have a 30+ year proven track record. Built for durability and reliability, this simple solution is perfect for our monitoring needs.

  • Propane tanks and other pressure vessels
  • C1D1 certified
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Rugged, durable, reliable

R3D Dials

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The Rochester Remote Ready Dial, R3D® – LP, is a magnetically driven, Hall Effect-compatible dial. Dials are utilized on stationary applications where direct reading plus an electrical signal to a remote fuel level monitor may be required. Models are available to fit all Rochester Junior, Senior, and Snap-On liquid-level gauges.

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