Submersible Pressure Sensor


Hydrostatic pressure sensors are the most economic and versatile sensors, as well as the easiest to install. These sensors can be installed internally or externally depending on the application and tank configuration. LevelCon offers sensors for every kind of fluid and any tank geometry.

  • Fuels- Gasoline, Methanol, DEF, Diesels
  • Chemicals: Sulfuric Acid, polymers, Fracking Fluids, Fertilizers
  • Oil and lubes
  • Water and wastewater

Submersible Pressure Sensor

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This all purpose submersible liquid level transmitter, can be used to measure fluid levels, well depth, groundwater level and so on, Common accuracy is 0.5%FS, high and can be customized according to customer’s’ requirement. This hardy stainless steel pressure sensor is ideal for non-hazardous fluids but can also withstand the corrosive properties of many types of fuels.

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